Liberals Now Want Climate Change to Be a Valid Reason for People to Claim Refugee Status


   What is the only thing dumber than a liberal that demands you give a crooked government money to protect the environment and believes that it is every citizens duty to let in anyone who claims refugee status, even if they have been tied to jihadist groups, drug cartels, or just want to abuse the welfare system? The answer:

Liberals trying to use climate change as an excuse to grant refugee status. 

According to another CBC article, as well as another by a publication called grist, liberal media outlets now believe that living in a country that has had issues with climate change now should make you qualify for entry into Canada as a refugee, despite admitting that it does not fall under the 1951 refugee act.

Refugee status is quickly becoming a joke. What once was a word that was synonymous with someone who escaped a wartorn country with no other options to claim asylum, a lax and dangerously insecure immigration system has now made the word and status itself almost meaningless. The government constantly allowing the abuse refugee status takes away from the people who actually want to enter our country, embrace our values and culture and makes it harder for those people to get in. These poor background checks flood our system with people who do not help make Canada a better place, and make it harder for genuine refugees.

Seeing as how hysterical the modern left gets over climate change, it is possible that in the future liberal hysterics could try to use their irrational fear of global warning to not only rob themselves and everyone else with carbon tax style monentary policy, but then use the same hysteria to give them their precious diverse immigration policy to make them look politcally correct while further tearing the countries economy apart.

Now don’t get me wrong, I genuinely feel for the people who do live in terrible situations. But climate change is not a National Emergency. Take a moment to consider all of the people not just in Canada, but across the world who believe that climate change will cause the world to end tomorrow and therefore the government is entitled to your money. That is a lot of people.

This article is just another example of how corrupt, fraudulent, and sensationalist the CBC and the Canadian Mainstream media is becoming. This is what your tax dollars went to with Justin Trudeau’s magical media bailout.

This serves again as yet another reminder for Canadians to not give the reigns to the insane next election season.

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