Antifa Group Plans to Appear at Rally in Halifax


        A Halifax Antifa group is planning a counter demo to a right wing political group, the National Citizens Alliance. The rally is scheduled to happen today on June 22nd, at 1:30pm at the Grand Parade Square in Halifax.

    The National Citizens Alliance(The NCA) is an organization that describes itself as a Canadian nationalist political party. Led by Stephen Garvey, they are supporters of changing the immigration system to allow no more than 50,000 people in per year. Antifa has called The National Citizens alliance “White Nationalists” stating that “they want an ethno-state”.

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       This is quite the odd claim, especially considering that on their website, it clearly states: “Canada’s immigration policy must be guided by fairness and equality. Immigrants and refugees must be judged based on who they are including what they believe and value, and not the color of their skin, ethnicity, religion, or homeland, within the limits of maintaining Canadian cultural integrity and ensuring the well-being and safety of Canadians comes first.”

       Seems like a pretty fair statement. I can’t think of very many white nationalists that would ever say what Stephen Garvey, the groups leader says below:

It would be quite hard to have an ethno-state with multiple cultures inside, so it is an outright falsehood they are promoting that the NCA wants an ethnostate. Liberal logic is quite perplexing. What is an unfair statement that spits in the face of the so called social justice the masked members of Antifa claim to fight for is calling people that are not racists racists because it just makes the world easier for racists to be racist. To be fair, the NCA does state that it values Canadian heritage and culture, and wants these things to be preserves, so it makes sense why Antifa wants to be there.

Antifa has shown up across Canada many times in the past few years, and it’s never to really fight racism, or inequality. Let’s just be real. It’s about them trying to shut down and silence anyone that disagrees with them and their flimsy radical ideology, and advocating for the violation of Canadians right to free expression, because that would step in the way of the anarcho communist authoritarian world they want to create.

White nationalism is without a doubt, a bad ideology for society that has certainly been tied to a lot of toxic and terrible human behaviour. But calling people white nationalists because their views may be more politically incorrect than certain people want to hear when they are not white nationalists, does not help fight racism. It just makes people look away from the real racism. Great job Liberals.

Whether you agree or disagree with the NCA, the lengths that the left will go to make a case for victimhood and racism among the right has reached ridiculous lengths and it never has a good intention at the top, even if misinformed well intentioned people believe it. When left wing terrorist groups begin assembling to label reasonable rhetoric hate speech and try to intimidate people, it is time for changes. If Antifa wants to find the Nazis they are supposed to be fighting, I would highly recommend they look in the mirror.

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