An Interview with the Man Halifax Antifa Protested – Stephen Garvey Speaks

Numerous hooded protestors gathered at Halifax’s grand parade square today to protest an organization they called “White nationalist”. The organization was called the National Citizens Alliance, or NCA. The event started peacefully. Antifa members began the event playing music, singing songs of tolerance and love. Until the person they were protesting arrived and the facade dropped. Legions of aggravated liberals marched banging pots and pans, attempting to intimidate members of the NCA.

As they crowded around the members of the NCA  they began following them around, banging pots and pans aggressively close to the peoples faces to intimidate them, in some instances pushing, and yelling threats towards them, and even threatening to stab the members of the NCA that were present.

As the event wound down to a close, the ringleader of Antifa rushed the stage, attempting to steal the NCA banner. The NCA rushed after him to get their property back before he was pepper sprayed and detained by police. As the police handcuffed him and put him in custody, I watched him begin to plead with police that he was in the right and they were wrong because they tried to grapple him to get their property back. But why all the antics?

Why were the Antifa so violent towards this particular group, that they confidently declared White Nationalists on social media. When interviewed, most Antifa protesters did not seem to be able to specify policy from the NCA website they didn’t like. To tell his side of the story, I arranged an interview with Stephen Garvey, the head of the National Citizens alliance, to say what his organization is actually about to clarify his side of the story. Whether you agree or disagree with what he says, everyone has the right to speak.

Antifa did everything they could to suppress the human right to free expression, but failed in the end, only making a violent mockery of what they claimed to be social justice but what was in actuality one of the most embarrassing spectacles I have ever witnessed.


One thought on “An Interview with the Man Halifax Antifa Protested – Stephen Garvey Speaks

  1. loved your interview with NCA leader, they have been given such bad press from mainstream media, I commend that you also took a moment to interview a protestor, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, its sad, but unfortunately it only takes one person to start a lie and make everyone believe it
    I was involved with the NCA rally in Sydney, there were a few protesters, but we did get some dialogue happening…it did appear that one person looked at a partial policy, cherry picked it, then tried to turn it into another anti whatever whatever……this year I decided to review the mainstream policies and compare them myself, and this party appealed to me the most, so I am now a supporter and they will be getting my vote….and they are right in saying, ‘Canada First’, because it seems like the other parties want to give Canada away. thanks, good work

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