M103: The Beginning of Sharia Law in Canada?

   Liberals Announce a 45 million Dollar Anti-Racism Plan Based On The “Anti Islamaphobic” Motion 103

Before the left wing part of the internet tries to kill me for writing this article, let me say one thing. I don’t have anything against Muslim people. Very few people hate all Muslim people with a burning passion. If you do, you are a real jerk. That being said, you are also a real jerk if you try to impose your political views on people at the barrel of a gun, and criminalize free speech violating the right to free expression under the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. And that goes for any religion or political affiliation. If only someone could tell the Trudeau government to stop doing just that.

In 2017, the Trudeau government passed motion 103, which was a government motion against what they vaguely defined as “Islamophobia”. The same government has recently released documents stating that they have a plan to spend 45 million dollars of taxpayer money to combat Islamophobia, based on this vaguely worded motion that was written.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission Definition of Islamaphobia is written as:

“Includ(ing) racism, stereotypes, prejudice, fear or acts of hostility directed towards individual Muslims or followers of Islam in general.”

The Trudeau government is no stranger to violating the right to free expression, as a matter of fact, I don’t think Justin Trudeau even understands what the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is. Bill C-16, a bill that criminalized using the wrong gender pronouns for people who identify as transgender, was the first bill that was pushed and passed that violated this right.

To the so called “progressives” delight, you can now go to court, pay for lawyers and be tried, all for saying a rude word to someone under Canadian law. For something many would argue is silly, seeing as most still see gender as a biological thing.

Most people who opposed this were incorrectly labeled as bigots by the media. But really most people who opposed it were simply smart enough to recognize that this was authoritarian policy, and that if you give the government an inch to infringe on your free speech they will try to take a foot. All the leftists scoffed at the notion that the government wanted to further infringe on peoples speech . “It’s just a law”, “why would you want to say that? It should be illegal to say that”.

Fast forward to June 22nd of 2019, when Quebec passed bill 21, and implemented laws that prohibited the wearing of religious symbols at work. The law now makes it so Jews, Sikhs and Muslims cannot wear yammakas, Turbans or Hijabs at work. Yet another repressive move to kill free expression. No matter what religion someone is, they should be able to wear their religious symbols, so long as they are not interfering with their job or the function of society.

I can understand peoples gripes about people wearing full face burkas on gun licences(A law Trudeau’s government also recently passed), but the right to wear religious symbols of any kind is a Canadian Value. The right to say and do as you want is what makes our country great, why would people want to change that? Even if a persons religion may have things in it i disagree with, it should absolutely be their right to practice it so long as it isn’t hurting other people and it should also be fair to debate and criticize it. This standard should apply to all religions.

The current Trudeau government does not care about social justice. It cares about authoritarianism.

In a perfect Utopian world where government corruption, manipulative people and the Islamic state did not exist, this law might work. But because it is a religion, and people do have different interpretations of religion, this law is a terrible idea. It is vaguely written, and although it is a motion and not a law yet, this could be the sign of more oppressive laws to come. If you go to a country with sharia law, it is terrible. It is written in the q’uaran, that one must not criticize Islam or the prophet Muhammad. At all. If this became more than a motion, and became an actual bill, this would be a total mix of religion and state, and would be a form of Islamic law.

When religion and state mix, it always corrupts the religion to a degree. All major religions have at some point been mixed with the state in different parts of the world, and it never works out well. I wouldn’t want Islamic people to live under laws that illegalized criticizing Christianity, or Judaism, or any religion. That is tyrannical.

Whatever happens with M103, or other similar laws in the future, one thing is for certain: the politicization of spirituality can never end well, and it certainly won’t work in Canada.

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  1. This motion if passed will bring oppression of speaking, and will give them a sense of supremacy and combined with the return of ISIS terrorists will put of democracy and country in peril ! There is an urgency to remove the PM from office and hope that November is not too late ! This ideology of sharia is a culture of beating and raping women look at what happened in Sweden 🇸🇪! I do not agree with this for our country! They have not adopted Canada and Canadians values as their own and so are NOT Canadians!

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