Where’s The Beef? China Suspends all Canadian Beef Imports

In the advent of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of the Chinese tech giant Huawei, a company famous for making cell phones and violating international law by spying on Canadian and U.S. Citizens, China has decided to suspend any imports of meat from Canada, citing “forged veterinary certificates”.

This ban of exporting Canadian beef will affect Canadian farmers and our economy tremendously. The Canadian Government has recently launched a probe to check if there have been false documents used to export beef to China, although the likelihood that they were fake to begin with is very low.

This is globalism at it’s finest. Meng Wanzhou was arrested for her role in Huawei and their actions violating Canadian and American privacy rights. She didn’t go to prison. She isn’t sitting in an 8 x 4 cell surrounded by angry felonious people. She is sitting in a posh mansion in Vancouver, on house arrest. This should be a wake up call to Canada to start looking for other trade partners. China is a behemoth that does not care about international law. it is corrupt, Socialist, and repressive, and does not want to confine these activities within it’s own nation.


Trudeau’s actions in dealing with China are beyond ridiculous. Trudeau once said “China, for one, sets its own rules and will continue to do so because it can. China has a game plan. There is nothing inherently sinister about that.”. He also once says he admires China’s “Basic Dictatorship“. These are not surprising comments from him, judging from his policies and attitudes, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he would like to be a dictator himself.

If you play with snakes, you get bitten. America is getting tired of dealing with China. Canada is getting tired of dealing with china. They will manufacture anything cheaply but will quickly turn around and sell you out, sell weapons to enemies of their trade partners, and try to violate our privacy. Trudeau is like an annoying liberal art student, who believes capitalism is evil, worships and supports enemies of the western world, gets upset when you misgender someone, and presents no facts, yells and plays the victim when you question him.

And when you support enemies of the western world as the leader of a western Nation, you declare war on your nation under the guise of being the leader of your nation. Justin Trudeau is a puppet for globalists, and Canadians would be a fool to reelect him.

We need to start looking at other countries, like India, or Thailand, Vietnam, or other places to stop depending on China, and never again elect a socialist who admires communist countries.


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