Antifa Attempts to Steal Property and turns Nice Festival into a Violent Protest


A local Halifax Antifa group decided to yet again show up and bother moderate right leaning political group, the National Citizens alliance. The potentially nice event turned chaotic as Antifa members began trying to steal from NCA members, The NCA had originally planned a rally that day, and a local organizer, Melaine Morrisey set the event up to counter protest what she believed were “far right policies”(even though they are not far right).

I arrived at around 3pm, and surveyed the surroundings. Tents were being set up, there were colorful pinwheels on the ground. “Wow” I thought. “Maybe they won’t go crazy like the last time i followed them, or not show up this time“. Upon inquiry with one of the festivals organizers, they did not seem to even be aware that Antifa would show up. It looked like it could be a great family or community event no matter what side of the political spectrum you were on. Peaceful reggae music played in the background, and all seemed well.


Then the Crowd showed up. 

And then, the Communists came with it. 

Antifa began slowly showing up in cars. They were walking around, taking in the scene, talking to each other, checking cellphones. One of the members I recognized from the Halifax demonstration arrived in a car, took some protest signs out of the back of it and went in behind a building carrying it. As the regular people who showed up to have fun or watch the festivities arrived, the black clad Antifa Members all began to drift in the direction of the man with the signs. Around 5 to 10 minutes before the festival organizer began talking on a microphone, they all set themselves up in a row in behind some tents to the right of Truro’s public library. A journalist was interviewing Stephen Garvey of the NCA, asking about his policies, and seeing what he actually had to say.

As Stephen and the NCA members looked down the field where the festivities were set up, towards the gathering of antifa members wearing all black holding signs and an anarcho communist flag, you could tell, there was tension in the air. They must have been staring in his direction intently, because as soon as he and his fellow N.C.A. Members got up, they came in a swarm, crowding and surrounding the N.C.A. members and their suppoters, standing behind an LGBT flag modified to include trans people.

The Inclusivity of the Truro inclusion festival went out the window, as Antifa went through their usual tactics of shouting matches, screaming lies, and calling people racist who disagreed with them. None of them seemed to know N.C.As policies. None of them would let them talk about what their policies were, and were intentionally trying to silence them. Eventually, a 13 year old girl and an older woman that was standing by the N.C.A. tried to steal their megaphone.

The N.C.A. member they attempted to rob grabbed the young girl who had tried to steal the megaphone to retrieve the property, with a very small amount of force. The older woman jumped in and attempted to strike him and they began screaming falsely accusing them of attacking them.

Joseph Dawe, the Assistant Director for Parks Recreation and Culture from Truro’s town council also made an appearance. He displayed behavior showing clear political favoritism, targeting the peaceful N.C.A. members and ignoring the mob of far left extremists from Halifax who were hurling insults at people and engaging in vile and illegal behavior.

The demonstration went on for a few hours. On the way out, one Antifa member was caught trying to film the licence plate of an N.C.A. supporters car. I had been driven there with N.C.A. members to get a better idea of who they were, and what they stood for. On the drive out, members of Antifa and Truro police began following our car. The Truro police was presumably doing it to make sure that Antifa did not try anything.

After the Rally, the N.C.A. members stopped in a parking lot to find something to eat. As we were all standing, a car sped by at what seemed like 100 miles per hour around an inch away from all of us. They rolled down the window and yelled at the group, attempting to threaten and intimidate them and me for covering the story.

This is domestic extremism. And even for domestic extremists, at the end of the day Antifa members are a shitty group of people. What I saw talking to the N.C.A. members(something they never did and most of the mainstream media or leftist independent media outlets covering them rarely did) was a group of people who simply cared about protecting the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms and repairing some of the damage Trudeau has done. And that task would involve and will involve fixing our immigration system and preserving and promoting classic Canadian values. Canadian values like fair dialogue. Free speech, property rights.

Not all people respect those rights and those values, and it is a fair desire to want an Immigration System that does not let in people are unlikely to contribute to our economy, have extensive criminal records, or are terrorists. Why on earth would anyone want that in their country? The N.C.A.’s plan to fix this problem is to lower the amount of immigrants allowed in Canada to 50,000 per year. They believe this to be a number that will give the system time to create better background checks, and ensure that the people coming into our country are skilled workers who will contribute to the economy.

The Radical left is saying that this is white nationalism, and ethnonationalism, but don’t listen to anyone on the other side. Which is quite funny and sad at the same time, There are native, black, white, and Jewish supporters of NCA, and a Saudi Arabian member that I saw. All of these people are being called white nationalists for being what the radical left sees as being too conservative. How is it not racist to say that because of the color of one’s skin, they must think the way you want them to think? That is extremely racist.

I don’t agree with all of the N.C.A.s policies, but there is one thing that I do think that we both agree on and a lot of Canadians do. You have a right to speak. There is a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that gives you the right to free expression. Our government is trying to violate it, and pulling strings so people that do violate it are overlooked. Post election, it would not surprise me if Antifa ended up on a watchlist.

They are threatening people with different political beliefs, and in many instances across the country becoming more and more violent. This is the dictionary definition of terrorism. The only thing real about mainstream Canadian media is the media bailout. The problem in Canada isn’t with the radical right. It is with the radical left, and Antifa has done a great job of showing everyone that.


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