Socialist Media – Why Socialism Would Never Work in the Internet age.

In 2019, there is a growing trend of more and more people on the left embracing socialism. Socialists would shrug at this and say “well this is a good thing, how could this be extreme?, what could go wrong with me wanting the government to slowly infringe upon the rights and freedoms of my country? What could go wrong?” I wonder.  Well, if the people of a nation choose socialism in their country, the populous runs out of future choices by surrendering control to big government.

The capacity for corporations to violate privacy and manipulate the population is higher than ever.

The Utopian ideology of socialism has never worked well. The USSR, Venezuela, and all other nations collapsed, due to it’s natural inefficiency. The concept that the workers should collectively own the means of production not through capital, but by shared ownership regulated by a select few who become the state and have the ability to vote on things without the use of capital or ownership of shares to give the workers a voice is flawed for two reasons. The first is that someone has to be in charge.

You will never get rid of natural hierarchies that exist in society, no matter how far you go down Marxist internet rabbitholes. And the second bigger reason is that already established social media companies are rigging and controlling social democracy, and democratic process is affected by social democracy.

Social media is becoming increasingly censored. If socialism existed within the current environment, where social media companies like Facebook, and Alphabet inc.(Google), constantly censor and meddle in other countries politics, there would be no democracy, property rights would disappear and fall into the hands of the elite, and we would drift into an authoritarian society. If there is no democracy, and there is no private property, then whoever assumes the role of regulating who gets what within the socialist system becomes the controller of a state run economy, and a puppet for globalist tech companies.

Even if they deny they are a state and that the state doesn’t exists because it is socialism. The state, and the deepstate will always exist. And with global communication and social media companies allowing for increased internationalism, and giving select few the ability to rig, censor and attack or control the democracy of other nations, and their own, politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Oscasio Cortez are preaching a living joke that is not very funny at all when they talk about “democratic socialism”.

In a world where it is open knowledge that globalist social media companies silence people who go against the left, clearly in an intentional way, it is amazing to think that people see the democratic socialist system that elements of the left want as democratic at all. If more and more nations became socialist, the easier they could be controlled by globalist tech and social media companies and the more and more repressive and controlled life in those countries would become.

Capitalism is the best system that there is. It is the system of opportunity. But when companies monopolize and begin to control the political systems of other nations, they can and have tried to control governments.

People are greedy. If you run a gigantic social media company like Mark Zuckerberg, and you have made so much money your kid’s kids will still be rich, the bad side of socialism does not effect you at all. You can just buy legislators, and foreign governments, and if a government has a state run economy, you are guaranteed that money via government contracts at the expense of everyone else in that country.

Leftists will say that Canada is a socialist country. It is a country that does have socialist aspects to it, and they are not to the benefit of us. When Canadian politicians like Justin Trudeau speak in an admiring way about communist and socialist dictatorships, it is a major warning sign. In many provinces in Canada, the liquor stores, the doctors, and the Cannabis stores, and the Casinos are all government owned.

This allows the government to enable problem drinkers, collecting money, creating more problems for the medical system which they can run just incorrectly enough to fail at a certain point so they can continue to justify higher taxation and government spending. And all of these liquor stores sell alcoholic beverages that are not made in Canada or Canadian companies. Yes, there are Canadian brands, but this goes to show you the hole in the pocket of the Canadian taxpayer that the socialist aspects of our economy are.

If Canada does not smarten up, and become more capitalist, nationalist, and recognize that what they read on the news and see on social media is manipulated data, they have seen outside the box. It is 2019. Wake up Canada. The time is now. The people of Canada must either become more nationalist, fiscally responsible, and independent minded, and be more pro capitalist, or we will get rolled over and gradually fall under authoritarian control of the U.N., the globalist technocrats and tyrants like Trudeau.


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