Antifa Tried to Shadow Ban The Canadian Patriot Report

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Hello! We have had to make a backup page for The Canadian Patriot Report because our last page and the account behind it was shadowbanned after likely being false reported enmass by an Antifa group, Canadian Sharp. We are 100% unable to appeal the ban, it does not even give us an option to do it. But we refuse to be silenced.

The Canadian Patriot Report refuses to bow to far left tyranny and will not be silenced. We reached out to Antifa members for interviews before they shut us down, and before they went to the rallies where they proceeded to act insane,  but they declined all interviews. They likely did this to cover up what they ended up doing at their rallies, which was violent, extreme, distasteful, and had nothing to do with fighting for equality.

We suggest that Antifa just move on, after all if they wanted to tell their side of the story they had the opportunity. We have been busy getting the site fixed up, and we ask all people who support The Canadian Patriot Report or just plain support free speech to come and like our new page called The Canadian Patriot Report Can Not Be Stopped for more great content. We are news written for the people by the people, and will continue telling the truth to Canadians no matter how much Antifa or anyone else tries to shut us down.

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