What It Really Means to Be Canadian

Happy Canada Day. Antifa tried to shut down my page so I couldn’t write this article for you today, and yet here I am. Today is the day we celebrate the day the Constitution Act of 1867 was created, and our nation was established as the dominion of Canada.

But what is Canadian Identity? Since Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada, he declared Canada, “A post national State”, saying that Canadians have no identity at all. While it is true that Canadians do not have the same defined sense of Identity that america has, it does exist. The problem is with people like Trudeau, and globalist american news trying to kill it.

Canada was discovered by the vikings, settled by the Natives, resettled by Europeans, from both, England and France. We also have a thriving immigrant population, and that is not a bad thing. But what is a bad thing, is that the highest office in the nation is trying to tell people, we have no identity, we have no culture, and allows terrorists in who wish to destroy our country. Our culture is not our government, it is in the style we dress, the way we talk. We made poutine, we invented hockey. We innovated the gas mask. The western world would have had a hell of a time winning both world wars without those gasmasks, and people from our country were behind that innovation. Beyond material culture, our celebrations are also a part of our culture. Canada day, Natal Day are distinct Canadian holidays.

The other distinct thing about Canada I have found, that is a stereotype that I both love and hate, is that we tend to be friendly. And on average, it is true. A lot of Canadians are friendly people. The issue is is that our government takes advantage of it, by selling it as a national idenity, while ignoring the fact that the fathers of confederation did want a more independent nation. Our national anthem says we are the true north strong and free. We fought and made a significant difference in some important battles like Vimy Ridge, as well as D-Day.

We have one part of the country that only speaks french, we have Newfoundland where everyone talks like their Irish, and we all live next to each other. Our government was founded by the most wonderful alcoholic in history, Sir John A McDonald, and we make great pastries called beaver tails. We are the 6th biggest gun owning nation in the world and we love our guns. We are a country chock filled with natural resources, and have an appreciation for it, and know how to make money out of it, and sustain it.

We value free speech. We value property ownership, Capitalism, and respect for all people. Our government does not. Our culture is what we make it. It is not to be abandoned, and it is proof that we are not a post national state. We have our own culture, and our government does not represent us. It does not represent Canadian values because our system has been hijacked by Trudeau and his puppet government, and they have been on a mission to destroy Canada, destroy Canadian Values, and destroy Canadian culture.

I am not alone in this belief. Many Canadians realize the corruption, and tyranny and war on Canada, the war on the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms and they are sick of it. Today, we all stand together as Canadians, because we are the true north strong and free. And we stand on guard for thee.

I encourage all Canadians, today. Take some time, watch some hockey with your family, eat some poutine. Celebrate and bask in our traditions, enjoy things that are Canadian and remember all the wonderful things that have come from this country.


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